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Prisms Unlimited Assets

Replacement Laser for Zygo® Mark-I, Mark-II, Mark-III, Mark-IV, Mark-IV-XP, and Mark GPI XPS interferometers. New Lumentum laser with metal alignment rings installed. Must return old, defective laser....$2,950


New Replacement Laser for Zygo® GPI and VeriFire interferometers. New from Zygo - $2,950.

Also available, new Verifire/GPI laser power supplies at $1,400.

Replacement pellicle for Zygo® Attenuation Filter, 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch
$495, $995 and $1,495

New Laser for ADE-Phase Shift Tech MiniFIZ - $4,950
Direct replacement laser for the MiniFIZ.
Not OEM, not frequency stabilized.
Has mounting rings for easy installation.
Must return your old, defective laser.

Also available, laser power supplies at $495.

Scanner for Zygo New View - PIFOC (New view 100/200)
PIFOC Scanner,
current-feed, used, S/N 95299 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 39822 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 61299 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 78623 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 83005 - $5,500 I have expansion board and ramps for this one.

GPI-XP Type-II board...

Boards for older systems (computers).....

Matrox PCVisionPlus FG board, A1/N2875; 204-00016-00, PCI connectors, 2000 vintage

Matrox Pulsar and Corona FG board, PCI bus

PST EFG Boards

ADE-PST Frame Grabber/Signal board, E55082D
PCI connectors; MiniFIZ and/or OptiFlat

ADE-PST Frame Grabber/Signal board, E55082
PCI connectors; MiniFIZ and/or OptiFlat

Zygo® Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR = phase shifter) for Verifire-series interferometer

Complete set of motorized stages for Zygo® New View 100/200/5000
X/Y and Z, tip/tilt with joystick and stage driver $3,950

Zygo® New View 100 & 200 parts
Microscope stands, Cameras, Objectives, Filter assembly, power supplies, etc.

Zygo® Mark series parts

Zygo® Mark IV parts
CIDTEC camera, power supplies, boards, LLC, PMR, etc.

Power Supply, Mark-IV version for a Zygo® 12" Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR)
P/N 6194-0133-01, S/N 87-42-015

Jeff Bosby

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