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Prisms Unlimited Assets

Replacement Laser for Zygo® Mark-I, Mark-II, Mark-III, Mark-IV, Mark-IV-XP, and Mark GPI XPS interferometers. New Lumentum laser with metal alignment rings installed. 1-week delivery. Must return old, defective laser....$2,450....Note I only have used replacement lasers right now. $950

Also available, new laser power supplies at $495.


New Replacement Laser for Zygo® GPI and VeriFire interferometers. New from Zygo. In stock. $2,550. Also available, new GPI laser power supplies at $595.

Also recently received many used Zygo GPI/Verifire laser assemblies. All tested before shipping to you.

$500 with 30-day warranty; $750 with 90-day warranty.

Replacement pellicle for Zygo® Attenuation Filter, 2-inch, 4-inch & 6-inch $450, $950 and $1,450

New Laser for ADE-Phase Shift Tech MiniFIZ - $4,950
Direct replacement laser for the MiniFIZ.
Not OEM, not frequency stabilized.
Has mounting rings for easy installation.
Must return your old, defective laser.

Also available, new laser power supplies at $495.

Scanner for Zygo New View - PIFOC (New view 100/200)
PIFOC Scanner,
current-feed, used, S/N 95299 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 39822 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 61299 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 78623 - $4,950
PIFOC Scanner, current-feed, used, S/N 83005 - $5,500 I have expansion board and ramps for this one.

GPI-XP Type-II board...
Older computers with phase measuring software and boards installed.....

Dell OptiPlex GX150 running Win2000 and IntelliWave LE-2 installed.
- Data Translation Inc D>A board installed
- Matrox Meteor 2/4 video FG board installed P/N 63039620278

Dell Dimension XPS P100c with Win95. Running OptiCode DFS with dongle.

Boards for older systems (computers).....

ITI Framegrabber Board, IC2VS524, PCI30563, B6/N2857

ITI Framegrabber Board, two 8-pin rectangular connectors (male), ISA bus

PCVision Plus ITI FG Board PFG+ REV C
ISA BUS, two 16-pin rectangular connectors (male)       
RC25/1630, CB 12352

Matrox PCVisionPlus FG board, A1/N2875; 204-00016-00, PCI connectors, 2000 vintage

Matrox Pulsar and Corona FG board, PCI bus

SigmaPoint PCP4157 FG board, A1/N2875; 204-00016-00, PCI connectors
PST EFG Boards

ADE-PST Frame Grabber/Signal board, E55082D
PCI connectors; MiniFIZ and/or OptiFlat

ADE-PST Frame Grabber/Signal board, E55082
PCI connectors; MiniFIZ and/or OptiFlat

Wyko 400/600 board, P/N 860-017C, Assy 619050 Rev C
Digital/Analog I/O Board
ISA BUS, 20-pin rectangular connector       

Wyko board, P/N 830-272, Assy 619-110
S/N 6014    nothing on board - I think it is HV amp
ISA BUS, DB-15 connector (female)

Wyko Digital/Analog I/O Board, P/N 619050, ISA bus

Wyko 400 Internal DAC/Amp PZT PS board, P/N 857-154, Bd # 619-127, S/N 0022
ISA BUS, DB-37 connector (male) includes 2nd PCB 619-113 Assy 857-138 S/N 0010

Wyko 400 Quad DAC/Amp PZT PS board, 866-019, 6190062 rev A, S/N 1002

ATI Technologies VGA Video Card - P/N 1028342302 000003 S/N 220316011241

nVidia VGA Video Card - Model P55 - DS/N TH - 07D208-44576-16Q-1012

DVI Video Card - P/N 102A2590401 000004 - S/N 260526002193

Matrox VGA Video Card, PCI bus

Zygo® 4" Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR = phase shifter) for Mark-series interferometer

- PMR w/tip-tilt, S/N 86-26-241, tested good - $1,250
- PMR w/tip-tilt, no S/N, tested good - $1,250
- PMR w/tip-tilt, S/N 85-25-141, not tested yet - $1,250
- PMR w/tip-tilt, S/N 86-08-201, not tested yet - $1,250
- PMR no tip-tilt, no S/N, not tested yet - $995

- PMR no tip-tilt, S/N 90-21-455 not tested yet - $995

- PMR, 33mm $200

Complete set of motorized stages for Zygo® New View 100/200/5000
X/Y and Z, tip/tilt with joystick and stage driver $3,950

Spare parts for motorized stages for Zygo® New View
X/Y stages, Z-drive, tip/tilt motors, joysticks and stage driver

Zygo® Mark-II Camera Replacement Kit
Includes new CCD, Tooling Plate for easy installation on Zygo® Mark-series mainframes, Installation Procedure

Zygo® New View 100 & 200 parts
Microscope stands, Cameras, Objectives, Filter assembly, power supplies, etc.

Zygo® Mark I & II series parts
CCTV cameras, ¼ wave plates, power supplies, etc.

Zygo® GH parts

Zygo® Mark III parts
Processor Module, Control Terminal, cameras, power supplies, boards, PMR, etc.

Zygo® Mark IV parts
CIDTEC camera, power supplies, boards, LLC, PMR, etc.

Stands, stages, computer, objectives, etc.

WYKO MHT parts
Stands, filter assembly, camera, objectives, etc.

Hewlett-Packard computers, HP9000, HP715/100 with old Zygo® frame grabber boards

Power Supply, Mark-IV version for a Zygo® 12" Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR)
P/N 6194-0133-01, S/N 87-42-015

ADE - Phase Shift Technology ZMOD spare parts, including:
Controller box, PMOD, EFG cards PZT driver boards, cables, etc.

ADE - Phase Shift Technology MiniFIZ and OptiFlat spare parts, including:
Signal board, P/N E55082D
PCVisionPlus board (http://www.adept.net.au/grabbers/coreco/pcvisionplus.shtml)

Zygo® Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR), 33mm
Can be used to make a homemade PMI
Includes 33mm Accy Receptacle
Make an offer

ADE-PST ZMOD Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMOD) 


Jeff Bosby

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