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Prisms Unlimited Assets

Note I have a good selection of interference objectives for your existing profiler. Or even if you're buying a new profiler, all of these used objective will work on your system.
All listed on the Interference Microscope Objectives page.

Zygo NewView 7300 arriving soon.  Email if interested.
- Motorized 5-axis stages
- Windows 7 and MetroPro 9.1.9
- 5x, 50x objectives

Zygo Precision Reference Flat, 1.4", S/N 44 - $1,500
Measured at 0.797A RMS on Zygo NexView and PV flatness over full 1.4" is 0.017 waves (L/50). Excellent optical standard for your shop, for roughness and flatness.

Silicon Carbide Reference Flat, 0.7", S/N 1 - $950
Measured at 1.12A RMS on Zygo HPI (0.1A resolution)
- Excellent optical roughness standard for your shop.

Silicon Carbide Reference Flat, 1.0", S/N 456834-0601 - $950

Jeff Bosby

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