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Prisms Unlimited Assets

VLSI Surface Roughness Standard, used, Model 2250A...$500

Radius of Curvature Standard
Silicon Carbide ball that can be used as Radius of Curvature (ROC) standard, 1-inch ball = 1/2" Radius. Grade 5 ball = diameter and roundness are within 5 micro-inches (125 nm) of nominal. $995
GAR Roughness Standard, has Certificate of Traceability dated 3/22/1994
Two areas - 18.9 u" and 119.6 u" - $200

Tropel Calibration Device - M/N 126323, S/N 214558 - $300
Side A = 2.308 microns - Side B = 3.653 microns

Tropel Calibration Device - M/N 7100, S/N 215193 6.872 microns - $300

Point Source Microscope - Used for the alignment of optical systems and tests. The PSM is also invaluable for aligning aspheric optics, including off-axis aspheres. Because the PSM not only locates point images but shows the image shape, it is used to aid in holding the image in the correct translational location while the asphere is adjusted to reduce the alignment aberrations to zero. Additional information and technical papers available.

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