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Prisms Unlimited Assets

Optical shop for sale. 35+ years in business - All custom optics 5-250mm. Spherical and plano optics.

<$3M annual sales <10 employees.
Conventional/CNC equipment. No coating in-house.
>10K S.F. Manufacturing
Serving OEM, Semi, Government, R&D and Bio-Med

NIF certified supplier.
Cleanroom assembly.
Centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Certification/Calibration of your interferometer. NIST traceable.

Replacement lasers for a variety of Zygo® Interferometers

Mark-I, Mark-II, Mark-III, Mark-IV, Mark-IV XP, Mark GPI XPS, and Verifire/GPI interferometers.

More details in "Spare Parts"

New Laser for ADE-Phase Shift Tech MiniFIZ - $4,950
Direct replacement laser for the MiniFIZ.

Not OEM, not frequency stabilized.
Has mounting rings for easy installation.
Must return your old, defective laser.

Radius of Curvature Standard
Silicon Carbide ball that can be used as Radius of Curvature (ROC) standard.
1-inch ball = 1/2" Radius. Grade 5 ball = diameter and roundness are within 5 micro-inches (125 nm) of nominal. $995

Interferometer upgrades - Modernize your older, computer-based phase measuring interferometer (PMI) system. Several options available for new computer analysis for your existing interferometer system. From simple plug-n-play to full refurbishment/camera replacement. Pricing varies as per specific requirements. Suppliers include Apre Instruments (Reveal), Mahr (Intelliwave), and 4D Technology (4Sight software).

NEW….. CaliBall™
If you check spherical surfaces using an interferometer you need a CaliBall™ in your shop.  This calibration ball is used to determine the residual error in interferometer test optics. Email for detailed technical papers and procedure. CaliBall2 is $1,250 - includes fixture to hold CaliBall in a Zygo mount. CaliBall is $995

Point Diffraction Interferometer (PDI) plates - manufactured in Germany - More Information in the "Interferometers" section.


Many TF's, RF's and TS's available. Check out the complete listing under "Optical Accessories"

More equipment available.....please inquire.
Jeff Bosby
Bosby & Associates
682 Shockley Road
Auburn, CA 95603-3641
530-878-8598 Voice



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